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Enhancing Your Education With Technology

You're busy. We get that. And we want to give you the tools to help you be successful. That's why we're bringing the next iteration of learning right to the palm of your hand– enhancing your experience with innovative technologies that help foster engagement, collaboration and convenience.

And with online, on-campus and connected classroom* options starting every 8 weeks, as well as full- or part-time schedules, you're sure to find an individual learning plan that fits your life.

*Program, course, and connected classroom availability varies by location.

Study On-Demand With Our Digital Platform

At the core of our tech-infused approach to flexible learning, you'll find a robust, easy to navigate digital learning platform:

  • Learn where and when you want via our mobile app.
  • Collaborate with peers and faculty in an interactive learning experience.
  • Participate in media-rich, dynamic class discussions.
  • Stay on track with time management tools.

See how our digital platform can work for you.

On-Demand Tools and Support



Hit a roadblock on your assignment at 10pm? We can help with on-demand tutoring. This convenient resource allows you to connect virtually with expert tutors, 24/7 in a variety of subject areas, including writing assistance.


e-Textbooks and Audiobooks

Feeling stretched managing work, life and school? No problem. With e-books, you can access your textbooks when and where you want. Listen on your way to work, at your kid's practice, or nearly anywhere.



Connect virtually with research consultants or dive into current resources, periodical databases, e-books and more 24/7 with our extensive digital library.