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Alumni Success

Over 300,000 degrees awarded

When you graduate from Keller, you earn much more than just a degree. You become a lifelong member of our Alumni Association. DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management have awarded over 300,000 degrees. Thousands of alumni can attest to the value of their Keller master's degree, and how it has transformed their skills and made an impact on their career. Learn more from the alumni featured here and discover why they chose Keller.


Jason Firak

MAFM 2006, Staff Accountant, Alex Gountanis and Co. CPAs
Why I chose Keller:
“I considered many other programs along with Keller, however I felt the MAFM program would best prepare me for my future in accounting.”

Anna Rodriguez

MBA 2007, Director of Investments, SCF Arizona
Why I chose Keller:
“Keller has a national reputation for excellence in education Keller provides access to Stalla CFA exam review as part of the MBA course of study.”

Shunda Mack

MAFM 2006, Financial Analyst, Hilton Hotel Corp.
Why I chose Keller:
“In addition to its exemplary reputation in the business world, a key reason I selected Keller was because the program incorporated the CPA exam preparation courses.”

Onala Atala

MBA 2006, Associate Principal/Project Manager, DMJM-Harris/AECOM
Why I chose Keller: “Keller's security management concentration complements my systems safety and assurance background. After a nine month search, I firmly believed that Keller had the best program in its industry.”

Jose Evora

MBA 2007, Senior Analyst and Vice President of Global Clearing Services, Bear Stearns Securities
Why I chose Keller: “The reputation of Keller, the small classes, and the experience that the instructors bring to the classroom made it an obvious choice for me.”

Tamy Sinkler

MBA 2007, Associate Director - AT&T
Why I chose Keller: “Keller best fit my personal/professional life needs. After much research, I found that Keller was the only institution that offered such flexibility without sacrificing academic standards and relevance.”

Keith Carrington

MBA 2006, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Aspire Technologies Inc.
Why I chose Keller: “I evaluated a number of programs and selected Keller because of the curriculum was grounded in the needs of businesses.”

Robin Lee

MBA 2006, Product/Project Manager, Southern California Edison
Why I chose Keller: “My criteria for an MBA was simple: The institution of choice must have a faculty comprised of subject matter experts, a flexible schedule geared toward professionals, and most importantly, a staff engaged in helping students succeed in their program.”


Sandra Gaston

MHRM 2006, Program Manager, U.S. Army
Why I chose Keller: “I was looking for a school that would give me a challenge and provide me with the flexibility to complete my studies anywhere anytime. Keller offered the courses, tools and knowledge needed to succeed.”


Jaime Eull

MPM 2006, Vendor Performance Coordinator, Target Corp.
Why I chose Keller: “Keller had the Project Management program that I was looking for and the flexibility of my schedule with online courses.”

Barbara Wilt

MPM 2006, Senior Pharmaceutical Product Development Chemist, Adhesives Research Inc.
Why I chose Keller: “I wanted to select a school that had an outstanding reputation for their programs, their staffing, and their accreditation. Keller met my criteria.”

John Varley

MPM 2006, Enterprise Quality and Mission Success Director, Lockheed Martin
Why I chose Keller: "II selected Keller because it offered a combination of features that supported both my professional and personal aspirations."


Alicia DeCardona-Rivera

MPA 2006, Human Resources Specialist/Recruitment Team Leader, Small Business Administration/Office of Disaster Assistance
Why I chose Keller: The intensive/accelerated program was a motivating factor, which helped me to accomplish a goal in a shorter period of time while maintaining academic excellence.”

Javan Mesnard

MPA 2006, Policy Advisor, Arizona State Senate
Why I chose Keller: It offered both online and ground options, and real-world instructors. I was very careful in my choice of institution. I did my research, I asked my questions, and I chose Keller."


David Ampofo

MISM 2007, Information Systems Officer, United States Navy
Why I chose Keller: I selected Keller to acquire the leadership skills and the know-how necessary to implement company goals in computer related technologies.”

Dawn Marshall

MNCM 2007, Cellular Field Engineer, Verizon Wireless
Why I chose Keller: Keller's belief that the working adult not only benefits from but is an asset to the learning environment drew me to join the school's student population."

Vaughn Sanders Jr.

MISM 2006, Network Security Administrator, The Landrum Company
Why I chose Keller: I thoroughly researched and compared traditional schools as well as other schools with online classes and Keller Graduate School seemed to be the best fit."

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