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  1. Verne Thibodeaux

Verne L. Thibodeaux

My professional credentials:

Ph.D. in Finance, MS in Finance, and BS in Finance

My Academic Focus Finance

Why I chose to teach at Keller

I built my career in finance, culminating in a VP position in the manufacturing sector. After a 20 year career in finance, I wanted to extend my mentoring skills from the office to the classroom. I viewed this as a chance to share my real-world experience with Keller students and marry my finance expertise with my passion for teaching. As VP of finance, I focused on increasing profitability and during M&A negotiations worked with banks and analyzed bids. That work was important, but the most fulfilling part was helping junior members of my staff progress in their careers. Now I do that for my Keller students by teaching them how to apply their analytical skills to real-world business problems, which helps them to apply this new knowledge.

What I appreciate most about Keller today

So many of today's students aren't traditional…they're balancing priorities while trying to fit school into their busy lives. That's why Keller offers the flexibility to learn when and where learning is convenient, and it's why I’m available to my students every day of the week. I love that about Keller. I'm also a strong proponent of the type of education Keller offers – programs based on sound business theory that are delivered by professors who bring practitioner, real-world experience to students eager to make an immediate difference in the work place. I'm proud to be a professor at a progressive university that puts teaching and positive student outcomes first.