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  1. Sean Wright

Sean Wright

My professional credentials

MBA in Finance and Information Systems, BS in Accounting, Finance, and Economics

My Academic Focus Accounting & Finance

Why I chose to teach at Keller

I visited a campus in June 1998 and found the atmosphere electric. I felt right at home in the classroom because of the real-world, hands-on emphasis. The university is dedicated to the practitioner-based approach, a student-centered learning environment and the future of its students. Since I teach online, we have individuals from diverse backgrounds, which makes for a globally enriching learning experience.

What I appreciate most about Keller today

I love the mission of my job: to prepare graduates for their future, which will positively influence them for a lifetime. I believe the students learn accounting competencies as well as theory. They also benefit from the opportunity to further their accounting education with Keller and earn their CPA with the help of Becker. Accounting is the language of business so it is important for all business students to understand financial statements, budgets and internal controls, to name a few key concepts.