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Online Faculty Profile

  1. Richard Adamich

Richard Adamich

My Professional Credentials

MBA with a Management Concentration, BS in Accounting

My Academic Focus Accounting & Finance

Why I chose to teach at Keller

I chose to share my expertise with students at Keller because of the graduate school's excellent reputation. Keller goes out of its way to provide students with the best education and to prepare them for their careers. With our extensive professional experience, we as professors can better help students relate course concepts to the current world of business. Because of this, Keller students can gain a strong sense of professionalism, ethics and teamwork.

What I appreciate most about Keller today

I love students and being in a position where I can serve them and prepare them for their careers. I love the interaction with students. I make sure my courses and programs are geared to the knowledge, skills, tools and abilities that will be necessary in the future. If I were asked to give advice to someone who knows nothing about graduate school, I would tell them the experience takes you to a new place in your world. It teaches you the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue your career and help other people.