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  1. Bonnie Adams

Bonnie Adams

My professional credentials

Doctor of Business Administration with Management Emphasis, MS in Communications, BS in Social Work

My Academic Focus Communications, Management, Leadership

Why I chose to teach at Keller

I teach Managerial Communication (MGMT 550). I love the topic. I have been teaching for more than 20 years (and at Keller since 2013), I’ve managed big systems and groups of people in situations as different as government agencies, college residence halls, and a Polynesian village. Experience has taught me that there is not much difference between teaching and managing people when you do it well. I teach people how to recognize, improve, and apply their own strengths. Communications is the key to that.

What do you appreciate most about Keller today?

Keller is designed for the practicing professional. The school is innovative and always trying to improve. It invests in its students and holds high standards for the faculty, holds us accountable for students.

I love teaching Keller students. They come to class with more life experiences to draw upon. They can think outside the box, they have critical thinking skills, ask better questions, and are not afraid to challenge theory. They share their wisdom. With online programs, sometimes a student will hit the Submit button and feel as though his or her words are just going into a black hole. So it is up to the teacher to demonstrate some emotional intelligence and create a context where caring and supportive interactions are the norm. To do that in an online environment, the teacher has to be real and authentic. Students have let me know that I am successful at that.