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Online MBA Programs

At Keller, we understand the challenges faced by working professionals like you. You have a busy job and a family, as well as specific career goals that you want to achieve, so finding time to pursue online master degree programs can be tough. That's why we offer online graduate programs. Whether you choose to pursue an online MBA, a specialized master's degree or a graduate certificate, you can study at home, at the office or from the convenience of an Internet café — anywhere you can find a connection. If you’ve been waiting to pursue further schooling, now’s the time to get that MBA online. At Keller, our online graduate degree programs let you pursue your field of interest while still living your life.

Online Graduate Programs

In terms of programs that can fit your busy schedule while still providing support, Keller’s MBA program stands out. Through online learning, you have the ability to learn anywhere, 24/7, whether that’s late at night after the kids go to bed or on the weekends when you’re away from the office. At Keller, we’ve made it our mission to facilitate your efforts to reach educational and professional goals — with online classes you can take anywhere.

Benefits Of Keller's Online Programs

The beauty of choosing Keller is that you’re choosing an accredited university with more than 85 years of technology- and business-based education experience. The only difference between our online programs and our on-campus ones is that you take your classes through our online learning platform. You still gain the support from professors, help from Student Support Advisors, skill-based curriculum and other benefits that define Keller.

Here are some of the other key benefits of earning your degree online with Keller:

• Flexible scheduling
• Dedicated, engaged professors
• Curriculum designed around real-world skills
• Individualized attention and support
• A rich network of transformed alumni
• A wide range of student services available to you
• Strong industry ties and affiliations
• Robust, user-friendly online tools
• Live lectures scheduled and recorded online
• Online document sharing
• Advisors to lend direction

Enjoy simplicity and flexibility with an online education

Our online options have been designed for flexibility, so you can schedule classes to fit your life. We've built online graduate programs and online MBA programs with the support and resources you deserve—and we've made sure that the online process is user-friendly. With our online system, it’s simple to view each week’s assignments and topics. You can easily access all notes, lectures and discussions. There is web-based interaction. You can communicate with your professors personally. The online classroom makes it more possible than ever to gain the knowledge and skills of an MBA.

Gain the same career-focused education you would on campus, but in a flexible, simple way that can cater to your schedule and needs. Explore how online learning works to see how simple it can be. 

Keller online offers flexibility and support

Experience online graduate programs with a real difference

When you take any of our courses that Keller offers online each semester, you'll see that the quality and personal attention of our online MBA and graduate programs is the same as what you'd receive in a more traditional classroom setting. That's because both our online and traditional graduate students have access to the same quality resources, support and faculty. Every online graduate class is designed with valuable resources, from course information and materials to peer interaction in discussion threads.

And with our 45+ locations nationwide, you can learn online, study at a nearby campus or a mix of both. At Keller, we work hard to support our students regardless of where they study because we understand how hard they work.