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MBA in Marketing Courses & Tuition
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Master of Business Administration

Marketing Concentration

MBA in Marketing Coursework

Required program courses (30 credit hours)

We've designed the core program courses in our MBA to provide you with the fundamentals to make an impact in the business world. See MBA Required Program Courses for a list of required coursework.

Marketing concentration courses (12 credit hours)

The concentration coursework is designed to further focus your MBA curriculum to better prepare you for a specific field or industry. To add this concentration to your MBA degree program, you may choose courses totaling 12 credit hours from the following list:

Click on a course name below for its full description.

Marketing Research

New Product Development

Advertising Management

Sales Management

Consumer Behavior

Marketing Research
MKTG570 – 3 credit hours
Marketing Research teaches students how to gather and analyze data to assist in making marketing decisions. The course addresses both quantitative and qualitative research techniques, including written questionnaires, telephone surveys, test marketing and focus groups. Emphasis is placed on examining how marketing research can help managers make better decisions regarding target markets, product features, positioning, pricing, advertising and new product introductions. Students are encouraged to consider ethical implications of specific marketing research activities.
New Product Development
MKTG572 – 3 credit hours
This course presents a framework for planning, implementing and evaluating new product introductions. The course addresses the new product development process - from idea generation to commercialization. Emphasis is placed on examining how organizations can manage resources to maximize the opportunity for successful new product introductions.
Advertising Management
MKTG575 – 3 credit hours
Advertising Management presents a structured approach to managing advertising, sales promotion and public relations activities from a corporate perspective. Students are taught how to determine promotional objectives, select campaign themes, choose media, control advertising costs, design sales promotions and evaluate results. The course also addresses agency selection and management.
Sales Management
MKTG577 – 3 credit hours
Sales Management teaches students how to design and implement a sales force strategy. The course presents techniques for identifying, recruiting and training sales personnel; monitoring and controlling sales efforts; and forecasting and budgeting sales performance. Issues such as territory decisions, compensation plans and motivation techniques are also discussed.
Consumer Behavior
MKTG578 – 3 credit hours
Students in this course examine basic concepts and research results from marketing and the social sciences to better understand customers and their needs. Coursework addresses the decision process of buyers, factors affecting purchasing decisions and customer satisfaction. Implications for marketing strategies (e.g., market segmentation, product design and promotion) are discussed. In addition, basic concepts of buyer behavior - including pre- and post-purchase attitudes and behavior patterns, as well as information processing relating to the functional areas of marketing - are included. Managerial applications to marketing are also emphasized.

Elective courses (6 credit hours)

You can take your electives in a variety of programs. Students may choose any electives for which they meet the prerequisites. Download the Academic Catalog and view "Course Offerings" for a complete list of courses that could satisfy your elective requirements.


There are many scholarships and other financial aid options available for qualifying students that may help make your graduate education more affordable. Click one of the links below for more info.