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  1. Walter Dunajick

Walter Dunajick

MBA, Ph.D. (Public Administration)

Professional Experience: CEO and Worldwide Senior Director, Health Investment Analytics

Teaching Focus: Public Administration

"The anytime, anywhere aspect of the online environment liberates both teachers and students."

Professional Credentials

  • Over 30 years' financial and administrative experience in Florida healthcare system
  • Currently heads healthcare investment research firm
  • Extensive experience with Medicare and Medicaid administration
  • Powerful believer in lifelong learning


  • Nonprofit Organization Management (PA571)
  • Governmental Budgeting and Finance (PA581)
  • Public Administration Capstone (PA600)

Student Feedback

"Professor Dunajick was, by far, the best professor I have had at DeVry and Keller. I had to contact the professor several times with questions regarding the final project and he always responded quickly."

"He was incredibly helpful, providing specific feedback and comments to help us do our best on the paper. He graded our threads and papers very quickly with feedback to help us do the best we can in class. I think this professor was amazing!!"

"Dr. Dunajick did a very excellent job every week with lectures and reminds students to do their weekly posting. He answers every e-mail question students have for him and responds fast. Overall he did an excellent job in teaching this class. I now have a better understanding of how Health Services Information Systems operate."

"Professor Dunajick was excellent at staying in touch with his students. He stayed very involved with the threaded discussions. He graded assignments in great timing. He helped us to understand materials in a real life context."