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  1. Paula J. Trout

Paula J. Trout


Professional Experience: President/CEO, Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums

Teaching Focus: Management, Human Resources

"Keller has a mission to provide working adults with a master's degree program tailor-made to both their scheduling and their educational needs."

Professional Credentials

  • Experienced attorney with a strong adjudicative background.
  • Dispute resolution professional providing services and training worldwide in the areas of mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation and conciliation for businesses and governmental entities.
  • Former government administrator in the fields of risk management, budget, finance and workers' compensation.


  • Legal, Political, and Ethical Dimensions of Business (GM520)
  • Business Law (GM597)
  • Managing Organizational Change (HR587)
  • Negotiation Skills (HR595)

Student Feedback

"She is articulate. She knows the subject issues and delivers the course in a practical way so students can apply concepts to real life."

"This instructor was very good at giving real work examples on the subject. She has a positive attitude and is skilled at correcting students in a constructive manner."

"An excellent communicator! Dr. Trout was able to deliver the course to students in a practical manner with emphasis on real life."

"Her flexibility to tailor the class to the student dynamic was a great plus."