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  1. Michael Turner

Michael Turner

Master's in Management, PMP

Professional Experience: Project Manager, AMC Theatres

Teaching Focus: Project Management, Information Systems

"Though my experience in project management is vast, not a class goes by that I don't learn something from my students."

Professional Credentials

  • 25 years of project management experience at Allied Signal (now Honeywell), Universal Underwriters Group (now Zurich Direct), and Asurion
  • Formerly Director of Operations for Catholic Charities in Kansas
  • Has spoken at Project Management Institute symposia
  • Proud of ability to move into and adapt successfully to different environments


  • Project Management Systems (PM586)
  • Managerial Applications of Information Technology (IS535)

Student Feedback

"Has strong interaction with all students, familiarity with the course material, and excellent communication skills."

"He is a great instructor and discusses real world issues to help explain material that otherwise would be confusing. He does an excellent job of keeping the class focused and the material entertaining to learn. The material in this course alone would be boring but he makes it fun to learn."

"[His strong point is] adaptability. He was able to change what was needed to help the students be successful."

"He keeps the class engaged very well. After a long day of work I know this is not easy."