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  1. Ira Gorelick

Ira Gorelick


Professional Experience: Director Curriculum Development, G4 Green Connections

Teaching Focus: Telecommunications Management, Information Security

"A master's from Keller offers a perceptual filter for the world. It separates the signal from the noise."

Professional Credentials

  • 30 years' experience in communications industry, all but 3 with the same company
  • Has held senior management and director-level positions
  • Diverse roles, including business analyst, developer, product manager, sales director
  • Graduate of UCLA and Annenberg School of Communications


  • Wireless Technologies (TM561)
  • Strategic Management of Technology (TM583)
  • Telecommunications Capstone (TM600)
  • Security Law and Ethics (SE575)
  • Curriculum developer for Wireless Technologies (TM561) and Strategic Management of Technology (TM583)

Student Feedback

"Promoted learning. He was knowledgeable about course material and showed enthusiasm in teaching."

"His knowledge and interaction with class were strengths, which drove a lot of productive class discussions."

"Overall, the instructor was great. The professor was big on people making a change and that learning equates to positive change."

"Challenges his class to think. That level of engagement really helps the material sink in because you really need to think about it."