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Daniel Langelier
  1. Daniel Langelier

Daniel Langelier


Professional Experience: CMA Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Teaching Focus: Accounting, Finance

"What I bring to class is both the context and the material of accounting and finance. I relate abstract theories to specific actions and strategies that were successful or not..."

Professional Credentials

  • Over 30 years experience in the banking industry in the US and Canada
  • Has specialized for over 20 years on resolving troubled commercial and corporate loans
  • Certified in public accounting, cash management and treasury management
  • Have taught Keller graduate students and DeVry undergraduate students since 1999


  • Intermediate Accounting I and II (AC550 & AC551)
  • Accounting Capstone (AC600)

Student Feedback

"A very thoughtful, knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. He takes the course and the students seriously. Encourages learning, respect for professional ethics (such as the need to quote data sources) and participation in the class."

"Mr. Langelier is a great instructor and very approachable outside of class to answer any questions or concerns."

"The instructor was very helpful with adding outside references and information to further help with the understanding of the material."