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  1. Dan Barker

Dan Barker


Professional Experience: Director Human Resources, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service

Teaching Focus: Human Resources

"Over 30 years' experience in many different environments, I've seen the good and the bad of management practice and applications. I share with students what works and what doesn't..."

Professional Credentials

  • Compensation and benefits specialist with over 30 years' HR experience
  • Has held various executive level positions
  • Worked in healthcare, manufacturing, advertising, and insurance industries
  • Holds a Keller MBA degree


  • Compensation (HR598)
  • Benefits (HR599)
  • Managing Organizational Change (HR587)
  • Human Resources Planning (HR600)

Student Feedback

"Delivers material in an exciting environment and in a style that keeps one's attention."

"Has a great deal of knowledge in the HR field, and teaches at a level that helps students understand and retain information."

"Personable, knowledgeable and accommodating by providing a lot of individual and group feedback."

"He brings life to the material that he teaches which is really helpful."