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How Online Learning Works

How Online Graduate Courses Work

Explore taking classes online at Keller

At Keller, we strive to make every resource available to both on campus and online learners, whether that means creating a virtual library or providing academic mentorship 12 hours a day. The best way, though, to know if taking classes online at Keller is right for you is to understand what benefits students gain from attending online graduate classes.

How online graduate courses work

Online graduate classes at Keller are designed from the beginning to give you the tools to succeed, with all course information and materials available to you a week before class even starts. Every class is created based on standard learning objectives and presented online using an ordered, accessible framework.

Each week's assignments, topics and discussions are contained on a tab specific to the week in which they were assigned. You can access any week from Keller's online learning platform. As the online graduate course progresses, you have access to all the notes, instructor lectures and chats you've engaged in up to that point, as well as the course materials.

Our online graduate courses also emphasize the importance of peer interaction. That's why all of our web-based sessions feature robust discussion threads, and many have group projects, where students reach out to one another via phone and email to complete assignments together.

And the dialogue and interaction extends beyond your classmates. Professors are actively involved in online classroom discussions and available to answer questions through phone and email.

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Access the tools you need to achieve success

Another way to learn about taking classes online at Keller is to discover the breadth and power of the tools and resources we make available to help you realize your educational and professional goals.

  • Detailed materials for all your online graduate classes
  • DeVry University's virtual library
  • Email with instructors and classmates
  • Online document sharing and drop box for assignments
  • Web-based study tools and learning media with visual demonstrations
  • Academic advisors available to all students as an online resource, giving you access in real time to mentors who can lend direction on assignments and answer questions
  • Study notes
  • Live lectures scheduled and recorded every week in selected courses, based on student feedback

For more on how Keller will go the distance with you to support your success, explore what makes our online education options stand apart.