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  1. Michelle K. Preiksaitis

Michelle K. Preiksaitis

My professional credentials

JD, MA in Technical Communication, Master Certificate in Human Resource Management, Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR Designation) from the Human Resource Certification Institute, BA in English Literature and Rhetoric

My Academic Focus Business

Why I chose to teach at Keller

When I began teaching as an adjunct for Keller in November 2002, I was invited to a live, two-day training in Chicago, IL. The training session was extremely impressive—that Keller was willing to invest so much up front in ensuring that its instructors knew how to use their web platform showed that this was a company that really cared about its students and its faculty. I wanted to be a part of this company. The first time I taught for Keller, I had so many amazing students that I realized I had found a great place where I could give back to society. In 2005, I was asked to come to DeVry/Keller full time to train new faculty to teach online. I accepted because I believed in the mission and vision and wanted to help other instructors see how to best provide practical and relevant real-world learning to our students.

What I appreciate most about Keller today

Each student is just as important as every other student. I definitely love the "aha" moments when students finally "get" a concept or understand suddenly how a court case's decision truly impacts how businesses can operate in the future. I think what I love the most, though, are those letters and calls I get later on, months and sometimes years after a course completes, from the students who tell me how my course has changed their lives. The courses I teach are so practical and realistic that most of my students tell me they immediately begin using the knowledge they get from my courses in their work lives, sometimes even during the course period. My students leave my law courses having learned the skill of legal research and understanding how quickly the laws change, understanding that savvy business managers and HR managers realize they must be adept at changing policies to meet legal requirements.