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  1. Khader George Jabra

Khader George Jabra

My professional credentials

MBA in Security Management, MS in Information Assurance, BS in Business and Economics

My Academic Focus Information Security

Why I chose to teach at Keller

I decided to work for Keller because I truly believe in its mission. Its programs are top-notch and it stays current with course content. Programs stress the importance of preparing students for careers in their chosen field—for example, the field of cyber security as it relates to Homeland Security in its infancy. Many people are speculating on what the future will hold for both government assistance and expenditures in this area. I foresee an ever-increasing need for qualified security and computer forensics professionals. Computer and networking skills no longer suffice by themselves. Even if your job is not security specific, companies want to know that you can protect their data. They want to know that you are thinking about security when you configure that server, workstation or router.

What I appreciate most about Keller today

There is nothing more meaningful than to pursue a life of development and betterment. I tell all my students that one of the most important courses they will take is communication. You can be the best programmer, nurse, accountant, network analyst, project manager or healthcare specialist, but if you cannot effectively communicate, both on an interpersonal level and publicly in a group, your career will be hindered. When you have the ability to communicate effectively you have power—the power to inform, the power to influence others, the power to entertain, the power to manage your interpersonal exchanges. I aim to make my students aware that the challenges facing me as a professor also face them when they write, speak or otherwise communicate. Taking this approach has led to more productive discussions and feedback in class because the students and I talk explicitly about what I am trying to teach them and how that relates to the choices I've made in presenting material and creating assignments.