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Bruce C. Van Apeldoorn Sr.

Online Faculty Profile

  1. Bruce C. Van Apeldoorn Sr.

Bruce C. Van Apeldoorn Sr.

My professional credentials

MS Business Administration, BS Aviation Management

My Academic Focus Accounting & Finance

Why I chose to teach at Keller

I chose to teach at Keller because of a combination of the quality of the curriculum, the training of the faculty and the school's focus on the student. The faculty plays an active part in the students' learning experience by providing examples of real-world situations in which that faculty member has been involved. In our accounting curriculum, for example, we introduce the student to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and demonstrate how they are used to ensure compliance in a corporate setting. This is the way corporations operate financially, so the student is getting relevant experience in the classroom and will be ready to be a contributor at work.

What I appreciate most about Keller today

What I love most about my job is the interaction with the students. Many students might think that an online learning environment would not have a component of interaction. Given advancements in technology, however, there can be even more interaction than a traditional classroom. As professors, we are even more available to provide assistance. Plus, I like that Keller's curriculum are practitioner-based. It allows us to introduce current events into class as they take place, such as changes in legislation or the introduction of new international standards. We can address an issue on the same day that it becomes notable.