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Online Learning

At Keller, we understand the challenges faced by working professionals who want to advance to the next level. You have a job and a family, as well as educational and career goals that you want to achieve. That's why we offer online graduate programs. Whether you choose to pursue an online MBA, specialized master's degree or graduate certificate, you can study at home, the office or an Internet café—anywhere you can find a connection. At Keller, our online graduate programs let you move forward in your field while living your life.

Enjoy simplicity and flexibility with an online education

Our online options have been designed for flexibility, so you can schedule classes to fit your life. We've built online graduate programs and online MBA programs with the support and resources you deserve—and we've made sure that the online process is user-friendly. Explore how online learning works to see how simple it can be to start on the path to advancement.

Keller online offers the flexibility and support you need to achieve your goals.

Experience online graduate programs with a real difference

When you take any of the 150 courses offered online each semester, you'll see that the quality and personal attention of our online MBA and graduate programs is the same as what you'd receive in a more traditional classroom setting. That's because both our online and traditional graduate students have access to the same quality resources, support, faculty and locations.

And with our 55+ locations nationwide, you can learn online, study at a nearby campus or a mix of both. At Keller, we work hard to support our students regardless of where they study because we understand how hard they work.