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Graduate Programs FAQs

Graduate Programs FAQs

How many programs does Keller offer?
Keller offers a wide range of graduate degree programs — an MBA with 17 concentrations, 7 Specialized Master's Degree Programs and 14 Graduate Certificates — in important business fields from accounting and finances to information systems and human resources.

What's the average total number of credit hours required for a program?
The total number of credit hours that you'll be required to take varies by program, and our courses average three-semester-credit hours. Our MBA program requires 16 courses, our Specialized Master's Degree Programs require 13 - 15 courses and our Graduate Certificates require 7 - 9 courses.

Do certain programs require more credit hours than others?
Yes, credit hour requirements do vary among degree programs because the course requirements vary among degree programs. Visit the graduate degree program page and click on the degree program that you're interested in to see specific coursework requirements.

What's a concentration?
Some master's degree programs at Keller (including our MBA degree program) allow you to further focus your degree by taking elective courses in a specific subject area, often applicable to one or several career fields. This area is called a "concentration."

What's an emphasis?
Our Specialized Master's Degree Programs have different areas of study for those with different professional areas of interest or expertise. When you choose one of these areas, you've emphasized a certain set of information in your course load; that's why we say, for example, "a Master of Accounting & Financial Management with a CPA emphasis."

What's the difference between a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Specialized Master's Degree and a Graduate Certificate?
These offerings are all graduate-level areas of study, but the main differences are the coursework and required number of credits that you'll need to take. Depending on your career interests and goals, one area of study may be best for you. To find out more about our offerings, contact a member of our team.

Do I need to choose a concentration/emphasis for my MBA or Specialized Master's Degree?
To help you focus your MBA or Specialized Master's Degree, and take coursework that matches your interests and goals, you can choose one of 17 concentrations, but it is not a requirement to graduate. For our Specialized Master's Degree programs that have emphases, you will be required to select one that best aligns with your career goals.

What's a CPA and a CFE?
A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) are different roles within the accounting field. Students can focus their Master of Accounting & Financial Management program by choosing one of the two above emphases.

Can I obtain a CPA license from Keller?
Though we cannot grant a CPA license, we do offer CPA exam preparation courses that integrate Becker Professional Education's CPA Exam Review Methodology. You can incorporate CPA exam prep courses as part of your coursework for programs such as Master of Accounting & Financial Management, MBA with an Accounting Concentration or Graduate Certificate in CPA Preparation.

What's the benefit of the Global Accreditation Center (GAC) accreditation?
Keller's Master of Project Management (MPM) degree program has been awarded accreditation by the Project Management Institute's Global Accreditation Center (GAC). As a GAC-accredited program, Keller's Master of Project Management (MPM) curriculum allows students to accelerate their path and provides opportunities for ongoing professional development.