MBA: Sustainability Management Concentration

Kathryn Moorshead, Keller Faculty

“Keller allows faculty members to bring in their real-life experiences and teach in a meaningful way.”

- Kathryn Moorshead, Keller Faculty

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    MBA in Sustainability Management

    Awareness of environmental impact is increasingly important in today's most engaging, high-profile careers. With an MBA in Sustainability Management, you can be prepared to initiate and manage successful, green-focused ventures that reflect all areas of business and administration, including operations, economics, marketing and corporate sustainability. As one of our 19 concentrations, our MBA in Sustainability Management also allows you to customize your coursework to reflect your specific sustainability management interests and professional goals.

    Our experienced faculty are industry leaders, and the sustainability management courses they teach address topics that are fundamental to this growing field, including conservation, regulation and advocacy. By earning an MBA in Sustainability Management, you can better learn how to make a positive difference in diverse business environments ... possibly even the world.

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    Program Availability

    Learn on campus, online or a mix of both
    At Keller, we've integrated on campus and online learning so you can attend any of our 75+ campus locations, take your graduate classes online or do a combination of both.

What's a concentration?

Some master's degree programs at Keller (including our MBA degree program) allow you to further focus your degree by taking elective courses in a specific subject area, often applicable to one or several career fields. This area is called a "concentration."

Do I need to choose a concentration/emphasis for my MBA or Specialized Master's Degree?

To help you focus your MBA or Specialized Master's Degree, and take coursework that matches your interests and goals, you can choose one of 19 concentrations, but it is not a requirement to graduate. For our Specialized Master's Degree programs that have emphases, you will be required to select one that best aligns with your career goals.

What's the average total number of credit hours required for a program?

The total number of credit hours that you'll be required to take varies by program, and our courses average three-semester-credit hours. Our MBA program requires 16 courses, our Specialized Master's Degree Programs require 13 - 15 courses and our Graduate Certificates require 7 - 9 courses.

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