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MBA in Entrepreneurship Courses & Tuition
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Master of Business Administration

Entrepreneurship Concentration

MBA in Entrepreneurship Coursework

Required program courses (30 credit hours)

We've designed the core program courses in our Entrepreneurship MBA to provide you with the fundamentals to make an impact in the business world. See MBA Required Program Courses for a list of required coursework.

Entrepreneurship concentration courses (12 credit hours)

The concentration coursework is designed to further focus your Entrepreneurship MBA curriculum to better prepare you for success in a specific field or industry. To add a concentration to your MBA degree program, you may choose courses totaling 12 credit hours from the following list:

Click on a course name below for its full description.

Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

Venture Finance and Due Diligence

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Startup and New Venture Planning

Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
ENTR510 – 3 credit hours
This course provides an overview of entrepreneurship in the context of new ventures. Coursework examines identifying and assessing opportunities, as well as forming and managing a new venture through maturity and exit. Topics include the entrepreneurship process; idea generation; opportunity assessment and selection; business plan creation; differentiation; new venture equity financing; due diligence; management team characteristics; growth management; and liquidity and exit mechanisms.
Prerequisite: None
Venture Finance and Due Diligence
ENTR530 – 3 credit hours
This course examines the process of positioning and selling a new venture to equity sources, including making internal preparations; identifying and communicating with venture firms; and evaluating and negotiating investment offers. Processes investors use to assess and determine opportunities and entrepreneurs in which they will invest are also examined.
Prerequisite: ENTR510
Entrepreneurial Marketing
ENTR550 – 3 credit hours
This course covers the critical role of marketing in the success of a new venture. Coursework addresses opportunity screening, assessment and selection; market research, analysis, valuation and sizing; the value proposition and distinctive competence; segmentation, targeting and positioning; pricing; channels; sales management; communications; hiring; raising capital; and creating marketing plans to address various audiences.
Prerequisite: ENTR510
Startup and New Venture Planning
ENTR570 – 3 credit hours
This applications-based course addresses in-depth planning for executing a start-up venture. Students work through the entrepreneurial process - from research, planning and opportunity assessment; to team and company formation; to business model creation; to entrepreneurial finance and equity financing; to company development; to exit planning. Students also prepare a business plan and deliver an investor pitch.
Prerequisite: ENTR530

Elective courses (6 credit hours)

You can take your electives in a variety of career fields. Students may choose any electives for which they meet the prerequisites. Download the Academic Catalog and view "Course Offerings" for a complete list of courses that could satisfy your elective requirements.


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