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Academic Catalog

Academic Catalogs

Keller Graduate School of Management

Download the most current Keller Graduate School of Management academic catalog, which contains detailed information on Keller's master's degree programs and graduate certificate offerings; course descriptions; and faculty; admissions information and academic policies; financial assistance; and student and career services. The web-based version of this catalog has been modified to a lower resolution for publication on the web to allow faster downloading and printing.

Bookmarks appear on the left side of the PDF to help you navigate the catalog in its online format. To view the bookmarks, click on the bookmark icon.

DeVry University

DeVry University offers additional master's degree programs and graduate certificates beyond those included in Keller Graduate School of Management's academic catalog. Learn more about these additional offerings by reviewing the DeVry University Graduate Catalog (PDF).

For your convenience, we've also included links to the DeVry University Undergraduate Catalog (PDF).