Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Scott Howland, Keller Alumnus

“Keller is a resource for adult learners, for professionals in their industries to get the next step in their knowledge so they can promote their careers.”

- Scott Howland, Keller Alumnus

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    Graduate Business Administration Certificate

    In today's competitive work environment, a comprehensive business education can provide credibility for professional development. Our Business Administration Certificate can help you advance in managerial competencies and move your career forward in a growing field.

    At Keller, our business administration faculty is composed of industry leaders who can best address the current challenges and expectations faced by business managers. Our extensive course offerings for the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration address such topics as corporate management, cross-disciplinary endeavors, communication and team building to help ensure that you can develop a balanced understanding of business theory and practical application.

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    Graduate Certificate Availability

    Learn on campus, online or a mix of both
    At Keller, we've integrated on campus and online learning so you can attend any of our 75+ campus locations, take your graduate classes online or do a combination of both.


What's the difference between a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Specialized Master's Degree and a Graduate Certificate?

These offerings are all graduate-level areas of study, but the main differences are the coursework and required number of credits that you'll need to take. Depending on your career interests and goals, one area of study may be best for you. To find out more about our offerings, contact a member of our team.

Do certain programs require more credit hours than others?

Yes, credit hour requirements do vary among degree programs because the course requirements vary among degree programs. Visit the graduate degree program page and click on the degree program that you're interested in to see specific coursework requirements.

What's a concentration?

Some master's degree programs at Keller (including our MBA degree program) allow you to further focus your degree by taking elective courses in a specific subject area, often applicable to one or several career fields. This area is called a "concentration."