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Earning a master’s degree is making an investment in yourself - and your future. A degree can open the door to more career choices and increase your earning potential. Going to college at Keller Graduate School of Management can be more affordable than you think. With Fixed Tuition Promise we guarantee your tuition rate through graduation — even if tuition increases, even if you switch majors, or have to add courses — your rate stays the same. That's our promise to you.* With our merit-based Career Catalyst Scholarship, you could qualify for up to $8,000 toward your education. Everything we do from financial aid to hands-on support and attention is focused on your success.

*Requires enrollment in a degree program; some exclusions and continuing eligibility requirements apply.

                     2014-2015 Tuition Rates for Graduate Students

MSED & MSET Degree Programs and Graduate Certificates

$495 per credit hour

All other DeVry and Keller Graduate Degree Programs and Graduate Certificates

$766 per credit hour

Active Duty Military

$575 per credit hour


$651 per credit hour – for alumni of DeVry or Keller graduate programs

CPA Exam Prep Coursework

$590 per credit hour
$502 per credit hour - Alumni
$433 per credit hour - Military

Fixed Tuition Promise Eligibility

All students enrolling in the July 2014 through July 2015 sessions across every degree program and level of study are eligible for the Fixed Tuition Promise. This includes students seeking undergraduate (associate or bachelor's) and master's degrees and graduate certificates from DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management.


The following exclusions apply to the Fixed Tuition Promise:

  • For graduate students, CPA Exam Preparation Courses are excluded from the Fixed Tuition Promise.
  • Canadian Students receiving Undergraduate Canadian tuition rates are excluded from the Fixed Tuition Promise. (Canadians pursuing graduate degrees pay standard tuition rates and therefore are eligible for Fixed Tuition Promise.)

Enrollment Requirements

Tuition rates will be locked in until students graduate as long as they remain enrolled at DeVry University or its Keller Graduate School of Management. Should tuition rates change in future academic years, recipients of the Fixed Tuition Promise may be exempt from increases.

  • Students must remain enrolled and progress toward graduation in accordance with university academic policy.
  • To maintain eligibility, students may not miss more than five consecutive sessions. Otherwise, they will be treated as a new student and will be subject to tuition structure and rates at the time they are readmitted.
  • Students who complete one degree program and decide to enroll in another program are subject to the tuition structure and rates at the time they begin their subsequent degree program.
  • External benefits such as those available through the Veterans Administration and employer tuition reimbursement, etc. can be utilized in conjunction with Fixed Tuition Promise. These processes remain unchanged.

Financing Your Education Your Way

The amount of time, effort and financial resources you choose to contribute to your education are among the most important decisions you will ever make. DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management is dedicated to helping you develop a personalized financial plan that fits your needs.

Tuition and expenses effective beginning with the July 2014 session.

See How Much a Graduate Program Costs

Select the program you are interested in pursuing from the drop-down list below to see how much it will cost.

Tuition, fees and expenses

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  • Number of Exam-Prep Credit Hours:
  • Number of Exam-Prep Courses:
  • Tuition per Credit Hour for Exam-Prep Courses:
  • Textbook and Materials Expense2:
  • Total Program Cost:

Learn more about financing your studies at Keller.

Financial Aid: Working With You to Make Your Funding Work for You

We are dedicated to helping you develop a personalized financial plan to make going back to school more manageable. Our Student Finance Professionals work with you to help you understand your financial aid options. We can also guide you through the financial aid process, starting with our Student Finance Checklist.

Loans, Payment Plans and Scholarships

We can help you explore available financing options including Federal student loans, Keller's tuition payment plans and scholarships available to those who qualify.

If you are a member of the U.S. Military

For students in the military and their spouses, with the military's tuition assistance and Keller's special military pricing, there is no better time to earn your degree. Discover the benefits, tuition assistance and admission requirements specific for military students' graduate education (which varies based on your particular branch of service) as well as military veterans.

Talk to Us

Request information and a member of our team can help you better understand tuition costs and financial aid options. If you are already a current Keller student, you can get assistance by going through the Help Desk.


What needs to be done to apply for financial aid?

You must be degree seeking.

1. Complete the 2014-2015 FAFSA at Be sure to have your 2013 Federal tax returns handy, and the school codes for DeVry University and KGSM, which are 010727 and G20754 (you must include both). Your signature is required on the FAFSA.

You have two options to sign the FAFSA: 1) Electronic signature with Federal Student Aid PIN (PIN) or 2) Print, sign, date and mail the signature page to the address provided on the form within 14 days.

2. In order to borrow loans under the federal Stafford loan program, you will need to complete and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete loan entrance counseling. To complete the MPN and loan entrance counseling, visit You will need your Federal Student Aid PIN to sign in.

3. Submit your official academic transcripts to the Keller location you attend.

If any other documentation is required, you will receive an email or letter indicating the outstanding documents. Once all the requirements have been met, your loan will be certified and sent to your lender. Finally, you will be able to view your award letter by accessing your "Student Account" through the Student Portal at For more information, review our Financial Aid Checklist.

What is the interest rate on a student loan?

Please visit for the most up to date interest rate information.

Private loans are made by banks or lenders (not the U.S. Department of Education), and interest rates will vary based on several factors.

How do I contact the Keller Graduate Student Finance Office?

Keller Student Finance Professionals are available to answer your financial aid questions or concerns. To speak with Keller Student Finance, contact your local campus or center. Online students can call 877-496-9050 to speak with an Online Student Finance Professional.